New trailer for Dark Phoenix : the X-Men Jean Grey kills-t-it, one of the main characters ?

The new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix just dropped. Sophie Turner embodies the powerful mutant Jean Grey. The film comes out in cinemas on 5 June. Attention to these new images spoilent the death of an important character of the saga X-Men… 6 months after the first trailer, and after having seen its release date shifted to 5 months, X-Men : Dark Phoenix unveils new images. This spin-off of the saga X-Men is dedicated to Jean Grey, the most powerful mutant in Marvel. This is the actress Sophie Turner, famous for her role as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones, who lends her traits to the glowing heroine. The Fox, which distributes the film (before moving next to Disney/Marvel) – has also revealed the synopsis official film, directed by Simon Kinberg. “During a rescue mission in space, Jean Grey was close to death, hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Back on Earth, this force makes it not only infinitely more powerful, but also much more unstable. Fighting against herself, Jean Grey unleashes her power, unable to understand or control them. Become uncontrollable and dangerous for his family and friends (especially for Mystic), she defeated little by little the ties that bind X-Men.” If Dark Phoenix is a spin-off, this film is the sequel to the previous X-Men trilogy. We also find almost the entire cast, from Michael Fassbender to Jennifer Lawrence in passing by James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult.. The side of the small new, Jessica Chastain embodies Lilandra, an alien Shi’ar (who has a romantic relationship with Xavier in the comics). It encourages us here, John has to accept his powers and use them. As shown in this new trailer, the power of Phoenix is such that even Professor Xavier does not know what to do to stop it. And this is not the death of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) who is going to help the mutants to regain faith in Jean… X-Men : Dark Phoenix comes out in our cinemas on 5 June.

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